Rockefeller Tree Lighting 2015

rockafeller tree 2015

Tree Lighting Ceremony
The 2015 tree will be lit for the first time on Wednesday, December 2 at Rockefeller Plaza, between West 48th and 51st Streets and Fifth and Sixth Avenues. Each year tens of thousands crowd the sidewalks for the event and hundreds of millions watch the live broadcast.
And visit here for information on The Rink at Rockefeller Center Happy Holidays!

Visiting Hours for Tree
Daily 5:30am-Midnight
Through 8pm on January 6

Tree Decorating

Tree Decorating

Tree Decorating

Recommended Number of Ornaments
How many ornaments you need to decorate your Christmas tree can vary from one designer to the next. Below is a chart designed to help you determine the how many ornaments you need to decorate your Christmas tree. Some people prefer more ornaments on a tree than others, so personal preference may skew the count slightly.

Tree Height

Number and Suggested Size of Ornaments

2 Ft. 40 to 60 1.25″ ornaments
3 Ft. 60 to 80 1.25″ – 2″ ornaments
4 1/2 Ft. 120 ornaments of different sizes from 1.25″ – 2″
7 1/2 & 8 1/2 Ft. 300 ornaments of different sizes from 2″ – 3.25″
9 1/2 to 12 Ft. 450 ornaments of different sizes from 2.75″ – 4″
14 Ft. 650 ornaments of different sizes from 2.75″ – 4″

Mixing and Matching Ornament Sizes
Mixing and matching ornaments sizes adds variety and depth to the tree. Different ornament sizes can vary how many ornaments you need for your tree. Make sure you put some larger heavier ornaments at the interior of the tree to protect them and add depth. Smaller lighter ornaments work best on the tips of branches. Different sizes and types of ornaments can fill gaps and holes in the tree. Don’t be afraid to place different sizes of ornaments together on the tree.

If you have multiple trees in your home, consider decorating in different themes. Even if you stick to one theme, you still can use a variety size and types of ornaments. Some popular themes are:
•Red, green and silver
•Blue, white and silver
•Silver and gold
•Purple and gold
•Natural browns, golds, greens. Add in some birds and bears!
•Consider a fun separate DIY or kids tree to showcase handmade ornaments.

Which Ornaments Look Best on Which Tree
It is also important to consider what kind of tree would display your ornaments best. Remember that the size of the tree will determine how many ornaments you will need.
•If you like a tree full of ornaments, consider the Brighton Fir. Its staggered offshoots to provide lots of hanging space. Additional trees that are ideal for hanging larger ornaments include the bark-wrapped Fraser Fir and Canadian Fir trees.

•Trees with pinecone accents like the lifelike Hunter with downswept branches offer rustic appeal. Or choose the Hawthorne Fir with frosted tips, lights and berries
•If you have heavy ornaments that need sturdy branches or you clip ornaments to the branches, the Sequoia Fir tree is your best pick. The elegant Sequoia Fir has extra durable tip and branch construction while still offering room for hanging.

Personalizing Ornaments
Glass Christmas ball ornaments on are available in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and finishes. You can decorate these ornaments to make Christmas gifts for friends and family. Personalized ornaments are also a great idea if you have a certain specific decorating scheme in mind. Decorate them with some paint, glitter, or ribbons, sequins – fill clear ornaments with fun DIY idea designs.
Dos and Don’ts of Christmas Tree Decorating •Do place ornaments evenly throughout the tree
•Don’t forget the back or the bottom of the tree
•Don’t use so many ornaments that tree looks cluttered
•Don’t put breakable ornaments at the bottom of tree if you have pets or small children that might pull them off
•Do add some matching ornaments to garland and wreaths to keep your decorating style consistent throughout the room or house..
Christmas Lights Check them out today. Cheers!

Vintage Lights

GE%20-%201951 christmas adI remember these Lights from the 50’s Santa always placed them on the tree on Christmas eve and when we kids got up in the morning there was a tree all decorated in these wonderful lights on it and gifts under it and they were never wrapped, they were just there  waiting to open! What a thrill it was!

Holiday Decorating

fir treeWhen do you begin your holiday celebrating and put up your tree? I like to put up my tree right after Thanksgiving day. But I have put it up from Thanksgiving over the years and had Thanksgiving diner with the tree lit and all the decorations it was warm and cozy.. I’ll be decorating this Saturday after Thanksgiving..

Have a very warm and cozy Thanksgiving everyone!