Petcare for feral cats

Winterizing for Feral Cats

by Bryan Kortis, Neighborhood Cats

(Reprinted from the December 2004 issue of Out of the Cage!)

By providing warm, dry shelter, ensuring access to drinkable water, and improving nutrition, you will have made the winter a much gentler season for the feral cats in your care.

Now that winter is approaching, it’s time to take the necessary steps to ensure that your outdoor feline friends make it safely through the cold and snow. During the autumn season, cats’ coats thicken in anticipation of frigid temperatures. In fact, sometimes you can tell how harsh a winter will be by how early their coats develop. While cats’ fur will keep them warm even in severe conditions, they do need your help to make it through the winter healthy and risk-free. There are three areas in which you can greatly ease their lot: shelter, nutrition, and water.